“Il fiore del turismo” (literal “the tourist flower”), the European mark of environmental certification and quality.
Ecolabel recognizes the tourist companies with efficient environmental policies.
It is a mark that is granted to all those products and services which follow ecological and featuring criteria set by the European Commission.
Fra i Sassi Residence fits in an architectural and panoramic background of a great value, and it contributes to the safeguard and the promotion of its site, by only using natural materials in the rescue of its real estates by: offering typical bordering and traditional products at breakfast, lowering the wastefulnesses caused by the poor efficiency of implants or by the bad maintenance without reducing the comfort and the pleasantness of the stay and respecting the environment and its future.


Village 4 all

Village for all – V4A®  Marchio Qualità Internazionale Ospitalità Accessibile has the task to guarantee “To each their all vacation”.

It allows to the guests with specific needs or disabilities to have reliable informations that permit to plan a vacation or a brief stay in a location suitable to their necessities.

V4A® guarantees clear informations that allows you to pick a receptive structure where to find accessibility and hospitality perfect for EVERYONE!


Welcome Matera

The companies network Welcome Matera® was created by local the business men who found in the locations, products and services qualities a common denominator.
Welcome Matera® was made to meet the needs of groups of friends who wants to live a “do it yourself” vacation and are not able to find a corresponding number of rooms or to organize transfers, meals or activities, or of operators who need a complete offer suitable for all those who want to live the enthusiasm and the services of a big hotel!

The network Welcome Matera® makes the whole tourist production chain combined with the companies that grants help services and entertaining available to its guests.