Cooking Class

Nella nostra struttura abbiamo uno spazio dedicato alla cucina dove organizziamo su prenotazione cooking class per insegnarvi a preparare una cena lucana o piatti della tradizione italiana. Prodotti a km 0, Creatività e Amore sono gli ingredienti principali!


Guided Tour

Matera is a city to be discovered, we always recommend our guests to take a guided tour.We have a wide range of possibilities: individual or group tours, during the day or the dusk. We can book tours in the city or in neighboring countries.

Bike Sharing

Biking around is always a beautiful idea.
There are people who believes that the best way of admiring a landscape is in fact on a bike.
Matera is surrounded by a beautiful panorama.
With this certainty and our willing to offer a good service, assisted biking is at your complete disposal.
It is in fact possible to rent our bikes for few hours during the day.

To those who choose services, we offer comfort. Are looking for an affordable hotel, we respond with the accessibility. To those who ask us hospitality, we offer the quality. This is Fra i Sassi Residence, a popular residential structure, which perfectly matches the image of a stone-built hotel in the city of Matera.

The complex, with its large windows facing East, offers a unique panorama that lights up with the first light of dawn to finish at sunset with an aperitif on the terrace that will take until the evening.

There is always time to sleep. Now, open your eyes and dream. Comfort, quality and beautiful scenery await you in the exclusive housing Fra i Sassi Residence, with a high range of services that have astounded our guests over the years.