Our purpose, as Fra i Sassi Residence, is to meet the needs of our clients.

With this idea we started a course of research, working on the touristic accessibility of our building.

We asked ourselves if Fra I Sassi Residence and if Mater could offer an appropriate and interesting travel experience also to people affected with physical or sensorial disabilities, if we could improve our services for the families with little children or for the elderly, for couples on a romantic getaway or for friends that wants to have fun together in a gypsy and exotic mood, and for our usual clients.

This journey started with the aim of improving our reception in terms of accessibility led us to en-hance the effectiveness and the pleasantness of our services and areas. We started to find the perfect combination to offer the same accommodation capacity to the most possible needs, we en-hanced the efficiency, the quality and the beauty of our services.

We enriched our facility with tactile and olfactory paths that characterize the roof, the differentiation of the floors to ease the bearing in the dark, and that also beautify our suites; the security systems for deaf people are actually certain and suitable for everyone; the tactile maps are able to show the particularity of our architecture, so that everybody knows that in Matera there are places where you can see even with your eyes closed.

With our will to meet every type of needs and the idea that it is our job to make your experience pleasing we improved the usability, the orientation and make little gems – such as baths in the cave with the Sound Wave System that allows to enjoy music through the water with tremblings and perceive the space by the echo of the sound – available to our guests.

In cooperation with other companies that offer specialized and certified assistance, we are now ca-pable to respond to your necessities.

Arch. Cristina Amenta
Titolare di Fra i Sassi Residence